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Youth On Track Cycling  works with youth of all ages (actually ages 3 to 18) using cycling in multiple forms.

Using BMX bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes and even motorized dirt bikes and a unicycle or two from time to time. These cycling tools have attracted youth of all ages and socioeconomic status to our unique program and enable quality interactions with mentoring adults.

The various forms of cycling attract various type of youth but the goals and outcomes are the same.

Every activity has the same goal. To mentor the young in a positive way fostering their self-esteem and helping them grow to be a responsible self respecting young adult capable of loving themselves and others and contributing to their communities in a positive way.

our Board:
Philip Mumme

Board Chair

Brian Hartsfield

Vice Chair

Debbie Mumme


Frank Sanchez


Heather Williams


Melissa Hartsfield


Jaime Leija

Member at large

Richie McQuillen

Member at large

our coaches:
  • Head Coach Youth On Track Cycling Composite

  • NICA Level Three Certified

  • Seven year coach

  • 2019 coaching the B group

  • Multi year BMX racing coach

  • Team Director Vista Grande

  • NICA Level One Certified

  • Fifth year coach

  • 2019 coaching the A group

  • Coach Casa Grande Union High

  • NICA Level One Certified

  • Seven year coach

  • 2019 coaching the B+ group

  • Coach Youth On Track Cycling Composite

  • NICA Level One Certified

  • 2019 coaching the A+ group 

  • Coach Youth On Track Composite

  • NICA Level One Certified

  • Second year coach

  • 2019 coaching the B group

  • Head Coach Vista Grande

  • Seven year coach

  • NICA Level 2 Certified

  • 2019 coached the C group

  • Coach Casa Grande Composite

  • NICA Level One Certified

  • Second year coach

  • 2018 coached the B+ group

  • Team Director for the Peak Performance BMX Racing Team

  • Multi year BMX racing athlete